Baby Buddy® CPR Manikins




Full-Body infant manikin with proper landmarks to realistically practice CPR techniques

Sanitary one-piece lung/mouth protection system

Economical - each student can have their own manikin

Low-cost disposable lung/mouth bags - no messy cleanup

Lung/Mouth Bag installs easily (tool included)

Removable chest for easy Lung/Mouth Bag installation

Visible chest rise when ventilated

Lightweight and easily transported

Five Baby Buddy® Manikins easily fit in the rugged  carry bag


Only use AED pads designed for foam body manikins

Baby Buddy® 10-Pack

Consists of 10 infant manikins, 100 lung/mouth protection bags, two carrying bags, ten lung insertion tools, and two instruction manuals.

Ship Weight:  18.60 kg (​41 lbs)

LF03722U          $1,085.00

Baby Buddy® 5-Pack

Consists of five infant manikins, 50 lung/mouth protection bags, carrying bag, five lung insertion tools, and an instruction manual.

Ship Weight:  9.98 kg ​(22 lbs)

LF03721U          $602.00

Baby Buddy® - Single Manikin

Consists of one infant manikin, size: 20" x 14" x 7", 10 lung/mouth protection bags, one insertion tool, and an instruction manual.

Size: 20" x 14" x 7"

Ship Weight:  2.15 kg (​5 lbs)

LF03720U          $129.50

Baby Buddy® Lung Bags 100/pkg

LF03723U          $54.95