Sani-Man Adult CPR Manikin


The economical Sani CPR manikins feature easy installation of a single-use airway/face shield system.

Visible anatomical landmarks include the sternum and the rib cage, plus substernal notch.

The manikins also simulate the realistic head tilt and chin lift necessary  for opening the airway. A chest rise demonstrates a successful rescue breath.

The student can change the airway/face shield system very quickly.  The use of the disposable, economical airway/face shield avoids cross-contamination and does not require cleaning, disinfecting, or disassembly!

Carry bag not included

Latex free

Sani-Man Adult CPR Manikin

​Size: 28" x 17" x 10"

Ship weight 13 lbs

SB27351U          $266.00

Adult Sani-Manikin Replacement Lung/Airway Systems 100/pkg

SB27352U          $56.00​