Brayden CPR Training Manikin


This manikin is the first ever to display visual flow of blood from the heart to the brain during CPR. Students will not only easily learn how to execute proper and correct CPR in time of need, but will also help to remember the ultimate purpose and vital importance of correct and proper execution of CPR. Three kinds of indicator lights let students and instructors know if procedures are being performed correctly

• Blood Circulation Indicators: Lights change speed to reflect the blood flow in        proportion to compression depth, aiding in visualizing the blood flow from the    heart to the brain

• Compression Indicators: Depending on the CPR quality, indicators will light            partially or completely.  Completely lit indicators indicate the procedure has        been performed correctly.  Indicators are interrelated with the given default        value of depth and compression speed prescribed in the 2010 CPR Guidelines.

• CPR Quality Indicators: These only light when the compression depth and              speed coincide correctly with the given default value.

The manikin also has the following functions for basic life support:

     Anatomical landmarks such as the sternum, rib cage, sternal notch, and                  xiphisternum

     Audible feedback reinforces correct compression depth

     Highly realistic chest rise with correct ventilations

     Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch required for mouth-to-nose      ventilation

Realistic head tilt and chin lift for opening airway

Skin is RoHS and REACH compliant.

Cleanup is quick and easy.

Measures:  24-5/8"L x 14-3/8" W x 9-13/16" D

Brayden CPR Training Manikin

SB50941U          $686.00