Hemodialysis Practice Arm




In the tradition of Life/form® products, the Hemodialysis Practice Arm features the realistic appearance and performance necessary to provide ideal practice for trainees or patients.

This valuable training aid is easy to set up and use to demonstrate preparing the patient’s arm for hemodialysis.

An established fistula is accessible and the system can be pressurized with artificial blood so that there is an actual flashback when a needle is introduced.

The artificial blood approximates the pale shades usually common in dialysis patients.

Easily maintained, this simulator is designed with replaceable skin and vascular system.

Complete with one pint Life/form® venous blood, one pint Life/form® arterial blood, two fluid supply bags, instruction booklet, and carry case.

Life/form® Hemodialysis Practice Arm - Light

Ship Weight:  7.71 kg (17 lbs)

LF01037U          $735.00

Life/form® Hemodialysis Practice Arm - Medium

Ship Weight:  7.71 kg (17 lbs)

LF01268U          $735.00

Life/form® Hemodialysis Practice Arm - Dark

Ship Weight:  7.71 kg (17 lbs)

LF01267U          $735.00