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For the past 15 years, Lifelike Manikins & Simulators has represented Nasco & Simulaids as their authorized distributor of medical training products in Canada.

Supporting all facets of training in the medical and emergency response fields, LifeLike Manikins & Simulators prides itself in recommending and delivering the appropriate product for your training needs, protocols and budget.

Companies often advertise they have the “best” customer service, the “best” price, the “best” delivery…. All of which are very important to YOU the customer. LifeLike Manikins & Simulators strives for these as well, however, we take representing Nasco/Simulaids one step further – Technical Support.

LifeLike Manikins & Simulators is able to boast that we have attended 13 annual International Training Symposiums sponsored by Nasco & Simulaids - the most by any Canadian distributor. Our product knowledge and technical understanding is first-rate, and our existing and future customers can always rely on our support for the products they have purchased.

LifeLike Manikins & Simulators welcomes the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

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